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Written by Jeff Wilson


 The biggest problem most people have when doing a 1to1 with a fellow member that they may know the most effective questions to ask them. Below are 10 questions that will help get a clear answer on how to help the member get more referrals and get connected to the people that can help feed them. When asking these questions focus on just one person during the first part of the 1to1 and then focus on the other member next.

This will energize your 1to1’s and make them 200% more effective. Here are the questions you need to ask:

  1. Name a person or company you would like to be doing business with that you are not currently doing business with?
  2. What type of person or business is likely to be a great source of multiple referrals?
  3. What profession(s) in your contact sphere would you like to build a relationship with?
  4. What phrases might we hear in everyday conversations that would indicate a potential referral for you?
  5. Which past customer(s) best represents the kind of referrals you are looking for?
  6. What is the best referral you have ever received?
  7. Out of all the members in your chapter, whose customers are also likely to be good customers for you?
  8. What kind of referrals are you NOT looking for?
  9. Are there any new markets you are targeting for your business?
  10. What general types of customers or companies represent the best kind of referrals for you?
  11. What types of problems does your product or service solve?
  12. What types of products or services does your company provide?

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