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BNI – Roles of Chapter Members – Vice President

Role of the Vice President
 Chairing and leading the work of membership committee
 Presenting weekly and annual statistics, issues and their proposed solutions to your members
 Stepping in for the President running the entire weekly meeting in their absence
 Analyzing attendance and participation trends
 Receiving training that makes him/her even better at networking.

Those are some of the basic functions of the Vice-President, naturally the skill set required to achieve and maintain such a position is much more than that. The most obvious role of a VP in any organization is the fact that he/she must step in and run things in the absence of the President. This is no easy task because in doing so now the VP is taking on twice the work load than previously before. It is something every VP must diligently prepare for. As Gavin mentioned at the previous education moment the Presidents responsibilities are no easy task, so compounded with VP responsibilities a VP must have very high time management and stress management abilities. The Vice-President must be a Jack of All trades, and unlike the saying goes “but master of none” the Vice president must master all his/her abilities in order to remain successful. A VP must be able to set goals for a chapter and work with the individuals of each chapter to make sure these goals are achieved and maintained over the course of the year. Goals include number of referrals; the amount of BBI’s being done weekly and the dollars being brought into the group. Now this may seem like a simple task but it requires a lot of fine tuning a VP is required to avoid setting goals that are too easy but also must not set goals that may not be reasonably attainable. Along with that once the VP’s goals are set he/she must try and make sure that everyone in the group does their part to ensure the goals are reached. VP’s must find ways to positively encourage group members to do that little but extra to ensure the group remains on course.

One of the most difficult things a VP must do is holding members accountable to their commitments in a positive way. Anybody can easily be negative towards somebody if they feel someone is not pulling their weight. But here at BNI we understand that positive reinforcement is the key to success, and this rings especially true when a VP must motivate chapter members. VP’s must be creative and resilient when it comes to motivating group members, finding ways to light a fire under somebody without it turning into a blazing inferno. Great Management and excellent communication skills are essential for a successful VP.

Very much like Gavin mentioned at his last educational moment when speaking of the chapter Director, anybody in a chapter can be a VP provided they meet the required criteria. If the position becomes available you can be sure that getting it will be no easy task. As I’ve mentioned it requires a certain skill set but with enough dedication, hard work and passion the position is attainable. As with anything in life you have to work hard to get it, and once you’ve gotten it you must work twice as hard to keep it.


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